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About Us

Once upon a time, there was a man with an unmatched passion for handcrafted shoes. Every day he worked tirelessly to perfect the art of shoemaking. He played with colours, textures, and patterns to create some of the most unique styles that the city of bombay had ever seen. His ideas were inspired by the things he found valuable in life… travel, nature and architecture.

One day, his wife visited him at work. While they drank tea out of cutting chai glasses, she mentioned to him that her friends were gushing about his shoes. That is when it struck him - he wanted to create a brand that everyone spoke about...and that is how Gossip Shoes was born in 1991.

What started off with a team of 5 has now organically grown into an organization of more than a 100 people. Craftsmen, designers, sales executives, and accountants - work in a zero-hierarchy structure. The founder’s values define the backbone of the company - ethical business, social responsibility, and customer satisfaction. The brand prides itself on its principles of creativity and innovation which are reflected in the handcrafted, premium quality, timeless designs. Each pair of shoes at Gossip is made on customized moulds with care and passion, resulting in a product that you marvel with your eyes, hold in your hands, and wear on your feet.